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'Celtic Angels Christmas' enraptures audiences with the magic of Christmas in an awe inspiring show which encompasses vocal and instrumental seasonal favourites alongside Irish, contemporary and original Christmas themes…all with a Celtic twist. This, together with stunning dance routines performed by the shows tantalizing world champion dancers, creates and unforgettable evenings entertainment for those who get the chance to see this captivating Christmas production.

This family show is a holiday celebration of Christmas in Ireland and features Christmas music from across the centuries and presented in an inimitable fashion by some of Ireland's finest performers. If you have never heard 'Ding Dong Merrily on High' performed as a toe tapping instrumental reel or In Dulci Jubilo as a Irish jig then you're in for a quite a treat, not to mention the angelic vocal and evocative instrumental Irish renditions of 'In the bleak mid winter snow' and 'Silent Night'. Celebrate the many moods of Christmas and immerse yourself in the magic of 'Celtic Angels Christmas'…the Holiday concert series inspired by the heavenly joy of Christmas.

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Experience the inspirational instrumental music, the dazzling dance performances and the incredible emotion
of the pure Celtic voice with Global Irish Productions.