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Irish Heartbeat.

A story of Love & Loss, Trepidation and Triumph. Irish Heartbeat tells the story, through Irish music, song, dance, of the immigrant Irish as they left their homes in Ireland for the shores of America.

On New Years day 1892, 17 year old Irish colleen Annie Moore was the first foreigner to pass through Ellis Island. Today the U.S. census states than more than 40 million people claim to be of Irish decent. With moving themes of immigration, love, loss and triumph over adversity, in good times and bad, Ireland's traditions of music, song and dance have been the sound track to the life of millions of people.

From the beat of the breaking heart embodied in poignant songs of love and loss to the pulsating beat of the invigorating Irish dancers reflecting their triumph over adversity, 'Irish Heartbeat' tells the story of the Irish who traveled to America in search of a new life.

The performance comprises a blend of classic contemporary tunes with traditional Irish rhythms and featuring Irish favourites such as Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears, Emigrant Eyes and Song for Ireland. Experience the dazzling dance performances, the incredible emotion of the pure celtic voice and the sensational multi instrumentalists on fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes, concertina, accordion, whistle, bodhrán, guitar & piano.

Featuring word champion dancers, all Ireland champion instrumentalists, principal performers from Riverdance together with sensational performers from Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance and Celtic Woman. Irish Heartbeat is a captivating portrayal of the Irish and its culture that will leave you with heartfelt tears and dancing in the aisles…and wanting to book the next flight to Ireland!

Irish Heartbeat is like no other show in its genre. Complete with pulsating and stirring Irish music together with original choreography this exciting production steeped in Ireland's cultural traditions is infused with worldly influences and vast experience and is undoubtedly unique in its imaginative design.

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Experience the inspirational instrumental music, the dazzling dance performances and the incredible emotion
of the pure Celtic voice with Global Irish Productions.